Exclusively Vegetarian


(608) 658-7081

Vegetarian food cart with made from scratch vegan burgers, sides, and bites. They use local and organic ingredients and serve everything in compostable packaging (compost bin on-site)! Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm Capitol Square, E. Mifflin & Wisconsin Ave Mon/Wed, 3:30pm-7:30pm (May 28-Sept 12) East Side Club, Monona Dr.

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Mother Fool's Cofeehouse

1101 Williamson St
(608) 259-1301

Cash only

Vegan hot chocolate and soy milk available, and an entire vegan dessert selection. Soymilk is available as a substitute for all drinks at no extra charge. They now offer vegan soups by Jennie Capellaro. All their coffee is Organic and Fair Trade.

Review: May 2016 - "Let the port go into receivership (and hopefully take the Ak Council with it). Then the resources and assets can be reallocated to those who can better deploy them in the service of customers. Simple really."

Review: Apr 2013 by Ike Mann - "This place was great, although the cream cheese is not vegan;( They should definitely get the tofutti brand cream cheese, which is safe:) "

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "The atmosphere in this coffee shop is nice, and it's awesome they substitute soy milk at no additional cost in coffee drinks. All their food is vegan, which rocks. They usually have pretty delicious cupcakes and a variety of baked goods (including pecan sandies!!). I had an overprice bowl of soup once which was just okay - I'd stick with their bakery. They don't accept plastic so make sure you bring cash!"

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "I tried their scones (VEGAN!). They were pretty good. "

Review: Dec 2006 - "I could live in the coffee house. Seriously. Terrific atmosphere and a great deal. Free soymilk substitution!!!"

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The Green Owl Cafe

1970 Atwood Ave.
(608) 285-5290

Vegetarian Cuisine for People Who Love Food Open Tues-Th 11am - 9pm, Fri-Sat 11am - 10pm, Sun 11am - 3pm

Review: Feb 2015 by Karolin - "I have been at the Green Owl at least 50 plus times and each time it is a different experience. Usually the food is very good and the staff has always been great. I try to taste something different each time. My favorites are greek salad w/tofu, jackfruit sandwich, TLT sandwich....ohhhh and I LOVE the tofu scrambler with hashbrowns and veggies, the meatloaf w/mashed potatoes are really great too and all desserts are to die for. I just really appreciate this vegetarian/vegan restaurant!!"

Review: Oct 2012 by Dave - "I have been here 1 time thus far, a couple weeks ago (Sept 2012). The experience left me with a very favorable impression. I was seated immediately (lunch on Saturday), the wait person was profession, polite and prompt. I ordered a tea, crabby cakes as an appetizer and the Jackfruit BBQ for the entree. Everything was simply delicious. I will agree with some of the other reviewers that some things are of small portions. The crabby cake was 2, very small patties, but what they lacked in quantity, they made up for in quality(I actually find myself thinking of them and notice the saliva flow in my mouth kicking in ;). The BBQ Jackfruit was, in my opinion, just right portion wise. When I left I was not stuffed, but pleasantly full. Pricing was moderate. I believe I spent a total of around $15 for the lunch which isn't 'cheap', but it also isn't unreasonable once the quality of the ingredients is factored in."

Review: May 2012 by Derrick - "Fantastic! We were in the mood for vegetarian and what a great find. I had the jackfruit bbq sandwich with kale crisps and the crabby cakes appatizer. To be honest I wanted everything on the menu but alas 2 dishes was more than enough; this is a new favorite for sure. Service was very quick and pleasant and the food was very reasonable: $24 for appetizers and two entrees, I cant rave about this place enough!"

Review: May 2012 by Sarah - "I have to agree with other reviews. The food portions are ridiculously small for the money. The food is okay but not good enough to spend that kind of money for that tiny bit of food. I am disappointed as well since it is the only vegetarian restaurant in Madison. I wish it was not so overpriced."

Review: May 2012 by Tammi - "I really wanted to love the Green Owl. I have been there three times. The pulled jack fruit sandwich is really good for most of the time I was eating it but then it did get a bit boring. I don't like the seating arrangement - 2 sit side by side right next to the next table for 2 etc. It is very difficult to have a private conversation when the next table seems to be inches away. Just my personal space issue I guess. Also, each time I was there, the staff seemed aloof and disinterested (other than the hostess) in providing great service. Three strikes, I'm out."

Review: Aug 2011 by Steve - "Went there with the family and a friend's family and even the five kids enjoyed it (ages 6-12). Great non-alcoholic drinks (they had some interesting looking alcoholic ones, we just didn't try any), wonderful desserts and I particularly enjoyed the crabby cakes and vegan schnitzel. Unlike the one negative review here, we had good and friendly service even though we had a big group of kids with us. "

Review: May 2011 by Sara - "Sorry to contradict a different reviewer, but the crabby cake po boy sandwich and the vegan cheesecake are two of my absolutely favorite foods there. Awesomely good. I don't like the vegan schnitzel at all. Different tastes for different folks I guess. Last time I was there I got a vegan mushroom stroganoff special that was fabulous. We have always had excellent service and they have never made a mistake with our order, we are regulars so they have lots of chances to screw up. :)"

Review: May 2011 by Bill - "My wife and I have eaten here probably a dozen times now, and we've been delighted each time. I would agree with an earlier reviewer though, the portions are definitely small. A personal favorite would be the BBQ Jackfruit, and maybe a seasonal drink special..."

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "I have been to the Green Owl 4-5 times and it has been very hit or miss. I have had delicious food there: their vegetarian Italian beef sandwich (which is really vegan), the vegan schnitzel, and a nut-based soup which was a daily special. Food I've had that has not been so awesome has included the empanadas picadillo, crabby cakes, and a vegan cheesecake. Overall the food is mostly good but the portions are very small. For the prices I don't think I should be hungry an hour later. The service has also been mostly poor and the restaurant seems usually understaffed. Food brought to the wrong table, waiting 20 minutes for the check, etc. Overall I wish I liked it more than I do, since it is the only vegetarian restaurant in town. If the prices were lower or the portions were bigger I'd recommend it. The last two times I've been there I've told myself, \"This is the last time I'm coming here." The last time I meant it. Maybe other people will have a better experience."

Review: Aug 2010 by Julie - "I have tried just about every vegan item on their menu and I love them all! Their desserts are fabulous (especially the lava cake). Their waitstaff is very attentive and they are very clear about what is vegan and what is not, but just about everything is or it can be made vegan. I highly recommend the "pulled pork" BBQ jackfruit sandwich, the Italian beef sandwich, and the crabby cake appetizer."

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Vegetarian Friendly

Alchemy Cafe

1980 Atwood Ave.

Bar with some vegetarian and vegan options. Hours - 11 a.m.-1 a.m.

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Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "This bar has a nice atmosphere and a lot of nights they will have free performances. I had a loaded vegan salad there that was amazing... I can't remember what all was on it but they had several vegan options on their menu, clearly labeled."

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "More fancy-pants than previous bar with some great food: sweet potato fries, mezo salad, etc. The Dolmade were warm, which was kind of yucky."

Review: Nov 2008 by Nick - "This place rocks. I used to go to the previous establishment for bluegrass but the food sucked. The new owners have kept the great music and beer while taking the food to a new level. Lots of vegetarian items and plenty of vegan options. Plus they offer live music every night FOR FREE! And the kitchen is open late."

Review: Oct 2008 by Bobby - "Alchemy has some really good options for vegetarians. All the salads are vegan and quite good. The appetizers and soups are all vegetarian and so are several of the sandwiches. Plus, all the food is made daily. I was told they don't even have a freezer. They make all their sauces and seem happy to substitute them to make vegetarian dishes vegan. Great beer selection too!"

Review: Sep 2008 by Katy - "You can ask for the Portebello "burger" with Hummus rather than the cheese and sauce combination and its vegan. The wasabi beans are a great vegan side. They're cooked in water, not butter. Their house salad with the door cherry vinaigrette is really good. The Dolmas can have hummus substituted for the feta/yogurt sauce. They do have other veggie friendly stuff that is not vegan. "

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600 Williamson St.

Indonesian cuisine. Be sure to tell them if you are vegan or vegetarian so they know to prepare your meal without fish sauce. See website for hours.

Review: May 2016 - "Kjenner følelsen! Den siste tiden har vært så travel, og er så travel, at jeg nærmest har fortrengt at jula kommer. Den metoden anbefales ikke... Så får det vel desto mer travelt fremover. Ja ja, men det viktigste er tross alt å kose seg i jula, ikke at alt skal være prikkfritt :)"

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Review: May 2016 - "In seattle if you wait for it to be warm and not raining you never go outside so we go outside no matter what. But we pretty much invented flannel and fleece and thermal pants under jeans up here so no one goes outside without being dressed warmly. That surprisingly includes babies, even people without blogs or twitters dress their babies warmly. ITS SHOCKING."

Review: Sep 2008 by Katy - "They have a lot of items that are vegan and they are so helpful. There is a vegan waitress at Bandung and she is close with the cooks/owners. You can tell them that you are vegan and they will make the Holy Basil and other dishes into vegan masterpieces for you. They are so good and I really recommend them. Another favorite of mine there is the Red Curry Squash. "

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Bunky's Cafe

2425 Atwood Ave
(608) 204-7004

Vegan mediterranean items as well as vegan pasta dishes.

Review: Oct 2008 by Nathan - "I have eaten at Bunky's multiple times over the past few years. The food is consistently delicious and the servers are excellent. I love the gluten free pasta and other dishes they prepare."

Review: Apr 2008 by Dona - "Great food! I love the gluten-free menu. It is so hard to be intolerant to gluten and eat out. Wonderful food and great atmosphere! I go there a lot. My friends love it too!!! Highly recommended. Also love to watch the Bellydancer on Friday nights. "

Review: Apr 2008 by Ed - "Both my partner's and my meal were a bit disappointing."

Review: Mar 2007 by Linda - "Not only is their food great, but they offer gluten free pasta, pizza crust and desserts. I don't know anywhere else in Madison that offers vegetarian/gluten free pizzas and pasta dishes. Fabulous. "

Review: Dec 2006 by Cheryl - "I'm sorry to see someone had a bad experience at Bunky's. I love this restaurant and the personality it brings to Madison. The lentil soup is fantastic as is the Mediterranean salad."

Review: Dec 2006 - "Absolutely the best customer service in Madison. The vegetarian lasagne is to die for...not heavy and full of cheese but a delicate blending of flavors covered with wonderful is a visual delight both food and decor."

Review: Dec 2006 - "Great food and great service! My nonvegetarian friend ordered a veg dish and *loved* it. Excellent atmosphere, fair prices."

Review: Dec 2006 - "I've been to Bunky's Cafe twice and both times it was less than average. My first experience I had ordered a garlic pasta dish and it quite literally, tasted like an order of wet noodles. No flavor whatsoever and I paid $14 for that. I decided to give Bunky's Care another whirl with a friend of mine. I ordered a ravioli dish with soup. The waitress was so taken with this larger group that came in that she forgot my soup (which I never did get) and forgot our refills of beverages. The pasta was good, but not worth the price. Grade F"

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543 State St
(608) 255-3646

Closed for now, will open on willy st soon

North African Cuisine - great Injera here! 2 of the dishes are vegan.

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "Crappy food presentation-slop over rice on a plate. Many dishes looked almost the same. One person in my party did not get what he had ordered but ate it anyway because he was so hungry by the time the food got there. They do have one or two vegan dishes. Nothing special... For the price they charge for their dishes you could buy many of the special ingredients to make this stuff at home and it wouldn't taste like it had sat in a food warmer all day."

Review: Jun 2007 - "Just a warning... I was told that the alicha contains butter, but the misirwot and vegetarian peanut stew were vegan (make sure to ask for no sour cream)."

Review: Dec 2006 - "They've changed the menu recently, it has fewer vegan options. We were disappointed with the food this time."

Review: Dec 2006 - "Very tasty food. Love the misirwot and for dinners ask for the lentil salad which is way better than the green salad. The fried plantain appetizer is awesome with the dipping sauce. Alicha is also very good. The rice and beans and the peanut sauce dish are average. Be very careful of the extra hot sauce - it's only for the adventurous and even then in small quantities only. Enjoy the great food."

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Burrito Drive

310 S. Brearly

Some vegetarian options, vegans must use the "create your own" option.

Review: May 2012 by Meg - "Good news, vegans! The Hungry Hippie is 100% vegan! Wooooo go crazy, taste buds :)"

Review: May 2011 by Bill - "The Hungry Hippie- don't even think, just buy it. Your mouth will thank you."

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "Burritos with tator tots in them? Count me in."

Review: Apr 2008 by Brenda - "They offer "New Mexican" food, with several vegetarian burrito, taco, enchilada, chimichanga, and torta options. I think vegans would have to use the "create your own" option or ask that dairy products be left off their burritos. Their food is fresh and an unusual take on Mexican food."

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Casa De Lara

341 State St
(608) 251-7200

3040 Cahill Main Rd
(608) 663-8818

Mexican cuisine.

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Review: Dec 2006 - "The food we ate was delicious."

Review: Dec 2006 - "The veggie fajita is good, the rice and beans are vegan, according to waiter when I went."

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Chocolate Shoppe

468 State St
Madison 53703
(608) 255-5454

(Camelot Square) <br/> 1726 Fordem Ave.
Madison 53704
(608) 241-2747

Vegan soy ice cream! They have one soy ice cream per day and one sorbet. You can also buy some to take home. Wafer cones are vegan.

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Review: May 2016 - "If this has been going on as recently as Cameron Horn indicates, then some of those responsible are doubtless still around, and even still in government. Indeed these people can be, and should be, held accountable in a far more tangible way than merely a statement of apology."

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Review: May 2016 - "Ho visto la mostra e devo dire che il lavoro più interessante è, appunto, quello della conchiglia. Poteva evitare la sfilza di occhi multicolor. Punto debole della mostra assieme al tendone in pvc: entrambe gratuiti."

Review: Jun 2015 by Brandy - "I work at the shop on Fordem Avenue. Most Chocolate Shoppe locations carry at least one soy and one Italian ice at all times. All soys and Italian ices are vegan. Not only are the wafer cones vegan, but so are the sugar cones, pretzel cones, and pre-made waffle cones (you have to ask for one because we make homemade ones that are not vegan). The cookie dough pieces that we have are accidentally vegan! The "oreo" pieces that we use for a topping are not actually oreos and contain whey. "

Review: Mar 2010 by Sara - "Last time I was here they had several dairy free ice cream options as well as several sorbets. Everything I've tried has been excellent. My fav is combing a few of the fruit sorbets in one cup. "

Review: Dec 2006 - "I recommend a strawberry soda soy cream float - very tasty and refreshing even in winter!"

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Curry in the Box

3050 Cahill Main
Fitchburg 53711
(608) 273-9100

They have several tofu dishes and say that any entree can be made vegan with a substitution of tofu for the dead animal. The house curry, mixed vegetable curry, and samosas are all vegan and very good.

Review: May 2016 - "Damn, I wish I could think of something smart like that!"

Review: May 2016 - "//தமில் வால்க அப்படின்னு சொல்லிட்டு, 4 லாà®°்ஜ் ஓல்ட் à®®ாà®™்க் அடித்துவிட்டு, பெà®°ியாà®°் சிலை உடைப்பிà®±்காக பாà®°்பனனைத்திட்டிக் கொண்டு à®°ோட்டில் உருளுவீà®™்களா....அதவிட்டு இந்த பொலம்பல் பொலம்புà®°ீà®™்க//அப்படிச் செய்யிà®± ஆளுக இல்லைà®™்றதுனால்தான் எழுதுà®±ோà®®். அப்புறம் அனானி... 'பாà®°்பனனைத்திட்டிக் கொண்டு' மட்டுà®®் இருக்குà®± ஆளுகளுà®®் நாà®® இல்லை!"

Review: May 2016 - "...drum häsch kei Ziit zum Email schriibe;-)) Hey, Du gisch ja ganz schön Gas.....Wullä für neui Projekt het's bi mir dänn no gnueg...gemein, gell ??en ganz en liebe GruessJolanda"

Review: Apr 2013 by Ike Mann - "My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our experience at Curry in the Box. They had no problems accommodating us with a completely vegan meal, and even cooked our food separately from the non-vegetarian items. The food itself was excellent and the atmosphere was pleasant. The staff was friendly and prompt as well. Ask the chef to steam your tofu rather than having it fried, since they fry the tofu in the same pans used for meat! "


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Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery

2827 Atwood Avenue
Madison 53704
(608) 241-2200

Daily vegan cupcake selections. Open 8am to 5pm.

Review: Jun 2015 by MacKenna - "This was my favorite place for vegan cupcakes and recently when I stopped in they told me they stopped making them because there wasn't enough interest. There are still some great vegan items on their menu, though. I love the tofu scramble and veggie chili."

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David's Jamaican Cuisine

5734 Monona Dr
(608) 222-8109

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Review: Oct 2009 by David - "David's Jamaican is authentic in more ways than just food. Don't expect service there like TGI Friday's. If you have the time to spend and are prepared to experience the authentic, fresh-off-the-boat Jamaican food and attitude, this is as real as it gets for the middle of Wisconsin. The trick is to come with interesting friends who will keep you occupied until your food--or your server--is good and ready. When your server does arrive, chat him or her up a little. It goes a long way, and you might get to hear some interesting stories about daily life in Jamaica. As for the vegetarian (not so much vegan) food--I haven't been disappointed yet. Remember this is like home cooking, not fine dining."

Review: Apr 2008 by Timothy - "This place was lousy! There were hardly any vegan options to choose from and the one I did get was very very spicy."

Review: Apr 2007 by Hiu Ty - "Me and my friend went to David's Jamaican yesterday and tried their lunch buffet. This was my first time and second for my friend. The food was great! But that was overshadowed by my experience with this one particular Jamaican cashier/waitress, who was wearing a black t-shirt. We were the only asians at that time, the rest were caucasians. She greeted the white people very well - greeted them, offered to refill their water, asked them how the food tasted, and thanked them before they left. To us, she did the exact opposite. We were totally ignored! She didn't even say thank you even after I left a generous tip! This is a clear case of racial discrimination. Shame on her!!! And shame on the owners for hiring such a bigot! I am not going back to this place ever again. Too bad for me because the food is really excellent but I won't stand for that kind of treatment, never...and not while I'm in America!"

Review: Dec 2006 - "They have some really yummy tofu dishes, like Jerk Tofu, Pineapple Tofu, and Orange Tofu. We liked all of them (a lot!) but the Pineapple Tofu was our favorite. "

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2110 Atwood Ave.
(608) 242-4448

Nepali and Tibetan dishes.

Review: May 2016 - "This is an article that makes you think "never thought of that!""

Review: May 2016 - "Hi Pete, I think you’re right that the organic avenue could be a good test for them. I also agree that the real bottle makes the whole experience feel special. Aside from keeping the carbonation better, it just feels more important!"

Review: May 2012 by Joey - "This place is so terrible. The service is unbelievably inefficient, each step in the process takes forever when the restaurant is not nearly half full. I recently ordered the coconut tofu and couldn't believe how terrible it was. I've had it before and loved it but tonight it was utterly bland. It looked beautiful but lacked ANY FLAVOR at all. The only good thing about my experience that night was they didn't charge me for that tofu. But that was alright, I still paid 22 dollars for my salad, appetizer and beer."

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "Had a very tasty meal, in a nice setting with friendly staff."

Review: Oct 2008 by Dona - "I love this restaurant! I am gluten-free and prefer to eat mostly vegetarian-vegan. There are many entree's for me to choose from and even the deep-fried vegetables are gluten-free. I love the brown rice too! The service is great and if you like a martini, I suggest the Pomegranate one!"

Review: Apr 2008 by Jordan - "Excellent vegetarian food! I had a tofu kabob with a dipping sauce that came with great brown rice and super fresh vegetables. Great place to go!"

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Fair Oaks Diner

44 S. Fair Oaks Ave
Madison 53714
(608) 249-7076

Tofu skillet is vegan (tofu + roasted potatoes) Open 6 am-1:30 pm daily.

Review: May 2016 - "Hej ElinVa roligt att du blivit Rekommenderad till Camilla:)Ring oss på 158448Så skall vi se vad vi kan göraIbland har vi tider som inte syns via onlineJätte Välkommen"

Review: May 2016 - "Тому раджу вимагати цю кіно прем’єру в оригіналі без російської мови, бо озвучку вони не встигли зробити, шовіністи кляті Інтер-Фільм!"

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "I ate here once. It was a cute little diner but I wouldn't say it's vegan friendly. None of their menu items list any ingredients, and when I asked for a vegan tofu scramble the waiter came back a few minutes later and asked if I wanted any eggs. It was just okay and very oily, I would have been better off making one at home."

Review: Jan 2009 by David - "A nice little neighborhood diner. Service is usually friendly. The tofu skillet is a good sized portion and is great comfort food...but more than once they've been out of tofu when we went to order. Better to check with the kitchen before you get seated."

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Fair Trade Coffee

418 State St
(608) 268-0477

Good vegan dessert bars available.

Review: May 2016 - "Created the greatest articles, you have."

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Glass Nickel Pizza

2916 Atwood Ave.
Madison 53704
(608) 245-0880

5003 University Ave.
Madison 53705
(608) 218-9000

3141 Muir Field Road
Fitchburg 53719
(608) 848-4877

101 West Main St
Sun Prairie 53590
(608) 834-9919

Pizza place with vegan (unless you do not eat white sugar) crust and sauce.

Review: May 2016 - "Wow, the beautiful Steuart Padwick one is a whole lot cheaper than it used to be. Definitely go for vintage, I think, though I'm always tempted to paint fine woods, to everyone's dismay."

Review: May 2016 - "Wow, your post makes mine look feeble. More power to you!"

Review: May 2016 - "namun tetap luangkan waktu untuk bertemu darat.sebab konon beberapa hal tak lengkap jika hanya disampaikan via twitter, facebook dan lainnya itu"

Review: May 2016 - "Hey everybody. So I am looking for a recipe that is really spicy. I love spicy foods but aside from salsa and jalapenos I am out of ideas. Like Gina, I can eat jalapenos as a snack so I have a tolerence for spicy foods. The spicier the better. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!"

Review: Apr 2016 by Erin - "Great thin gluten free crust and fresh topping options with a lot of flavor and fun location with friendly service. Highly recommend!"

Review: Dec 2013 by Ashley - "Ok, so my daughter has a rare genetic disorder. She can't have any dairy and a few other things as well. I often find myself on vegan sites to check restaurants for dairy. So my post is more for anyone who is simply "Dairy Free". Today I learned that the chicken strips do have dairy in them. Which is nice to know because Glass Nickel often throws away the boxes that their product come in when they stock, so sometimes that information is not available."

Review: Sep 2012 by CJ - "Great friendly service. The Thai Pie can be made vegan: we switch the chicken for mushrooms, and have the cheese removed...delicious every time! "

Review: May 2012 by Gina - "On their menu they have a VEGAN pizza called "Athena" - hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, and sprouts."

Review: May 2012 by Tim - "Glass Nickel has always been kind to me, but I just noticed that they now offer vegan cheese. My dreams have come true. There are tears in my eyes."

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "Delicious pizza! I don't eat cheese anymore so I either go with a cheeseless version of their Veg Out pizza or their Vegan Delight. The Vegan Delight is not listed on their menu but you can order it online, or ask for it by name. It's pretty wild ("A totally cheeseless pizza with BBQ sauce topped with broccoli, red onion, pineapple, corn and fresh garlic"), but surprisingly tasty."

Review: Mar 2010 by Sara - "One thing that isn't obvious about this place is they actually will make very reasonably priced fantastic vegan salads, you can pretty much pick just about any vegetable you want. Far beyond the standard lettuce salad at most places. The staff is very friendly and very accommodating to vegans in my experience. "

Review: Sep 2008 by Katy - "The Glass Nickel's regular Italian sauce (not the chunky sauce) is vegan. They will make the vegan version of pizza without the BBQ sauce for you. I ordered the vegan delight (which is not on their current menu, you have to ask for it) without the pineapple and with the artichoke hearts as an add-on, and it was great."

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "VEGANS BEWARE. If you don't eat white sugar (like me), don't eat the "vegan" pizza crust. Nice try though...."

Review: Apr 2008 by Chris - "Had the Veggie Pizza there. The crust had zero taste, broccoli was burned and very hard, almost no cheese to speak of. Total rip-off! I figured they must be having a bad day so I tried them again, this time a sandwich and that was awful too, bread was stale, chips tasted like cardboard. Something must taste good in this place, I just don't know what yet!"

Review: Dec 2006 - "I had the Vegan Delight pizza which was pretty decent. (Partly depends on how you feel about BBQ) It uses BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce, and has toppings of: broccoli, corn, red onion, and massive amounts of garlic. "

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Good Food

33 E Main St
Madison 53703

Food cart with vegan salad and wrap options on E Main St on the capitol square. Open Monday - Friday 11-2

Review: May 2016 - "uno deve usare il browser per leggere le e-mail e leggerle in formato html. Le due pagine poi dovrebbero avere lo stesso identico indirizzo, non solo il dominio…Sì, potrebbe anche funzionare.Buon cracking."

Review: May 2016 - "Per Cocco e Botas, se volete scambiarvi i vostri recapiti e-mail, potete scrivermi a e vi metto in contatto tra di voi. Ovviamente previa autorizzazione di entrambi!Miguel Martinez"

Review: Nov 2013 by V - "Not just cash only, they are the only cart using the Square card so you can use their card. They have excellent soups and salads! I get vegan & gluten free options there (particular to their thai salad) and all ingredients are organic. I'm so grateful for this cart, if I could only find equally good gluten-free vegan soup & salad in a restaurant!"

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Himal Chuli

318 State St
(608) 251-9225


Cash only

Large selection of vegan dishes - seitan and tofu stir fries and curries. The veggie momocha's are vegan!

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Review: May 2016 - "An intelligent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!"

Review: May 2016 - "Je dois avoir mauvais esprit. Ne dites pas non; je le sais. Mais quand j’ai vu le titre j’ai imaginé que Martin Vidberg allait nous parler dune certaine collection de godemichés bio. Je me demandais quel dessin il allait pouvoir faire! Bon, Montebourg c’est pas mal non plus. Mais je l’aurais vue plus « latex » celle là."

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "Delicious food and lots of vegan options. Make sure you bring cash with you!"

Review: Oct 2009 by Shari - "The momochas are incredible!"

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "One of my favorites!"

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "Smallest restaurant I've ever eaten in. You can eat outside in the summer and watch people on State St. They seem to know what "vegan" actually means and have dishes to prove it. Some of the side dishes are not vegan. Make sure you ask. I've been back 3 or 4 times. A little pricey, but very good."

Review: Dec 2006 - ""There are many vegetarian options available. The food is good, and pretty affordable. The restaurant is small but the service is great and well worth the trip. "

Review: Dec 2006 - "Best seitan in Madison"

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1236 Williamson Street
(608) 251-6234

Jamaican food with four vegetarian dishes.

Review: May 2016 - "You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart."

Review: May 2016 - "vio spune:este clar ca acesti elevi n-au invatat. nu toti, insa cei cu 1,20-4 nu au nicio scuza. La 1.20 asa cum ati spus, luau doar punctul din oficiu si 20 de sutimie pt ce-au scris acolo. l-am vazut pe unul care luase nota asta la limba romana. intelegeam la matematica, dar la limba romana??? din pacate generatia asta tanara are doar discoteci, cluburi, masini scumpe. sunt noile monici columbeanu si poponet. nu le trebuie scoala."

Review: Jul 2012 by Blake - "Ate there tonight, the interior has been re-arranged as have the dishes. The fried plantains with hot sauce were out of this world, the sweet spicy sauce was a great compliment to them and the Jerk tofu plate. The tofu plate was more smokey and coconut flavor than jerk flavor, but there was plenty of hot sauce and with the veggies and red beans and rice, there was more than enough for 2. Highly recommended."

Review: Apr 2008 by Ed - "Surprisingly expensive, but the mango tofu is great."

Review: Dec 2006 - "Has a great BBQ tofu dish and jerk tofu dish - both vegan."

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JavaCat Coffee

3918 Monona Drive
(608) 223-5630

Coffee place with at least one flavor of vegan gelato (like ice cream).

Review: May 2016 - "Felipe • 19 de Fevereiro de 2011 às 03:31Ola, estou com problemas em criar a Pagina Inicial no meu blog, o tema é igual ao da WPTOTAL.Porem so consigo criar Pagina Inicial no menu superior, (aquele preto la em cima) igual ao seu.Queria fazer igual você ter 2 links de paginas inicial, mas quando eu crio Pagina inicial no meu (cinza o principal) ela vira uma categoria, ja procurei em todos os lugares para tentar fazer mas não acho. Alguem poderia me ajudar ?"

Review: May 2016 - "I should have added my input about your boobs. I love them. I could see maybe a small increase, but DD would spoil your coquettish look , methinks…"

Review: May 2012 - "I work at Java Cat and I am not sure who said that the humus is not vegan but they were wrong. You can build your own sandwich there the wraps and the sliced bread are vegan, both humuses are vegan BUT be sure to as for it not grilled because then butter will be used. If you really want it grilled say your vegan and they will clean the grill and make sure not to use butter. Also any of the sorbet gelatos are vegan."

Review: Oct 2008 by Jan - "When I went there I was told by both employees working there that they didn't have anything vegan. I specifically asked about the hummus wrap and they said that it in fact is not vegan. :-( I believe they are pre-made so getting a vegan version is not an option. They began to tell me that none of the gelatos are vegan then realized that they did happen to have one that day. I think it was a strawberry lemonade flavor? Something like that. It was very good."

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540 State St
(608) 256-6322


on 2nd floor

Afghani-Mediterranean Cuisine - a few veggie and vegan dishes. A bit on the pricey side, but the hummus and falafel are good.

Review: May 2016 - "Wise words, Owen. I agree. People working together to the common goal can make miracles, considering it’s all voluntary. Looking forward meeting all colleagues next week."

Review: May 2016 - "I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knowledgeable?"

Review: May 2016 - "*senyum-senyum nggak berenti*Kalo yang muji Mas Didit saya percaya deh. Jadi PD, padahal udah sempet nggak akan nulis karena mikir fotonya ancur… isnuansa selesai posting Padi di Pekan Raya Jakarta"

Review: Dec 2006 by Amanda - "This place is great but watch out for the salad dressing. I assumed it was vegan for a long time but when I randomly asked I found out it has eggs. They'll give you oil and vinegar though."

Review: Dec 2006 - "Few veggie dishes but this set is my fav: The bread with spicy chutney for dipping, tunisian spinach stew (steaming hot and spicy - yummmmmmm) and phirni (dessert - has dairy) to soothe the spice. Perfect contentment for a cold day! This place is a bit pricey but worth it. "

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Lao Laan-Xang

1146 Williamson St
(608) 280-0104

2098 Atwood Ave
(608) 819-0140

Reports of them lying about fish stock/shrimp paste when explicitly asked about it.

Some vegetarian/vegan options. Don't let them lie to you about the squash curry, it cannot be made vegetarian.

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "Delicious food and you get a lot for your money. You can request that something be made vegan, though depending on your waiter you may have to be specific about no eggs, etc. One of my favorite restaurants in Madison."

Review: May 2009 - "My husband and I are both vegans and eat at LLX regularly. I also now have been working at LLX for over a year and want to set the record straight about the non-vegan allegations. They WILL make any dish vegan, you just have to ask. PLEASE SPECIFY STRICT VEGETARIAN/VEGAN, which to the kitchen means no fish sauce, eggs, dairy..or animal product of any kind and is VEGAN. I have asked the owners directly about this and they have informed me that everything can be made vegan except for the vegetarian egg roll (which has egg product in the egg roll wrapper). I am not writing this review just becuase I work there, but because I am a vegan and I think a lot of people could be missing out on some amazing vegan food right here in Madison. Also, because I do work there, I am able to set the record straight about some of the accusations. The kitchen and all waitstaff have been educated as to what vegan means, so they do understand and take it seriously when someone requests this. Some suggestions: * Tofu Spring Rolls --> request VEGAN and they will make without egg. Also request the VEGAN peanut sauce to go with these because the standard peanut sauce is not vegan. *Even though there is a vegetarian section, any of the entrees outside of the veg section can be made vegan, tofu is an option on every entree, just order it VEGAN and it will be made that way (sans fish sauce or whatever). Some of the best dishes are the Garlic Ginger, which has tons of fresh vegetables and the Mango Curry, which is a yummy savory dish, with Fresh Mango and Tofu."

Review: Apr 2008 by Adam - "I ate here once with a group of people. When I first saw that they had a separate vegetarian menu, I was pleased, but when I asked the waiter if these dishes contained fish sauce, he seemed offended by the question. I ate there that day only because I was with other people, but I would never go back."

Review: Mar 2007 by smart dude - "Yup! the famous curry squash at LLX unfortunately contains fish sauce. If LLX could make everything vegan, why would they have a separate section on the menu at all for vegan dishes? I guess there is a reason for that. If you're a vegan stick to the Vegan menu - it's pretty good stuff too. Hard to find anything that compares in town. "

Review: Mar 2007 by Danielle - "I eat here all the time, am vegan, and feel completely confident that when I order and say I am vegan (the menu even states to let them know if you are vegan), I don't get fish sauce. I have questioned them directly after reading the above review and they assured me that this does not happen and that they are happy to cater to special diet needs. Have even had them ask my dining companions if they wanted fish sauce or not since they know that I am vegan (assumed that my friends might be also). The Pineapple Curry is amazing! Please give this place a try, it's fantastic and VERY veg friendly! "

Review: Dec 2006 by Nina - "Hi, Just a comment regarding the review that claims the owners deliberately lied about whether dishes in this restaurant are vegan. As weird as it may seem to us, a LOT of Thai and Viet Namese people do not consider fish sauce a non-vegetarian ingredient. Maybe this is because it was originally made with the water used to rinse salt off after they'd finished curing anchovies (not with any actual fish), and people just considered it fishy-tasting salt water not a fish-product in and of itself. I'm not sure about the reasoning, but I do know that if you go to Thailand, nearly every "vegetarian" restaurant will use fish sauce with no compunction or ill-intent, so I think there's a good chance the owners of Lao Laan-Xang didn't intend to lie to you at all."

Review: Dec 2006 by Alicia - "The food is amazing. I've never had a dish that was less than wonderful. They can make almost anything on the menu vegan if you ask. I had one dish where my food had gotten mixed with another's, and they quickly remade it for me, taking great care with it. So, you do need to keep an eye out when they're busy, but if they make a mistake, they are quick to correct it. I've only had a problem the one time and I've eaten there more times than I can keep track of. "

Review: Dec 2006 - "I went to this resteraunt frequently and was told by several waiters and waitresses (including the OWNER HIMSELF) that the Curry Squash with Tofu could be made Vegan. I was very insistant that I was vegan and didn't eat Meat, Dairy, Fish, Meat Stock (including Fish Sauce). They seemed to understand and they gave me the dish. It was excellent and I went back and got it about five more times, each time saying make it Vegan and they said You got it. Well ... suprise, suprise. The last time I went there I ordered the same thing, Curry Squash with Tofu ... and could you make that vegan? ... No sir, we can't make that option vegan. "Did you change the ingredients?" "No, there's always been fish extract in all of our yellow curries." I was just a little upset. I will never eat here again ... they lied to me purposefully (including the OWNER HIMSELF) in order to sell me a dish. "

Review: Dec 2006 - "Amazing Laotian and Thai food. The menu even specifies to tell them if you are strict vegetarian because most dishes can be adapted. Large selection of vegan and vegetarian food, including desserts."

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Lazy Jane's Cafe and Bakery

1358 Williamson St.
Madison 53703

Has some vegetarian options including seitan.

Review: Sep 2012 by CJ - "Yeah, love the atmosphere, location, coffee, and the service! BUT, after years of ordering the Seitan Hash, we found out that there's HONEY in the seitan :( DAMMIT!, we can't eat there now. Please please please make your seitan w/o honey. It's totally unnecessary!"

Review: Jun 2012 by Joshua Kissel - "This place blows. Go one of the 15 other places in willy st/atwood neighborhood that offer vegan options. Motherfools has better pastries and for breakfast Monty (the union buster) or Green owl is better."

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "More suitable for vegetarians than vegans, though occasionally they have vegan bakery options and you can ask that their seitan scramble be made vegan. Instead of eggs you get extra veggies in your scramble. Great atmosphere!"

Review: Apr 2009 by Katyani - "This place is overrated. Staff is friendly and cost is low though. "

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "Very long lines for mediocre vegan food. Overrated."

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2951 Triverton Pike
Fitchburg 53711
(608) 442-4444

New Orleans style restaurant with vegan and gluten free options. Uses organic and local ingredients. Live jazz music 6 days a week. Has a vegan/vegetarian menu. Hours: Lunch Monday through Saturday 11am-2:30pm Dinner every day 5pm-9pm Jazz Brunch Sunday 10am-2pm

Review: May 2016 - "Kick the tires and light the fires, problem officially solved!"

Review: Feb 2016 by Patrick Johnson - "Chef Dave's catering services at our wedding thoroughly disappointed us, and we have emailed, called, and met with him to convince him to accept responsibility in the role he had in making the [vegetarian] meal a failure. He has sent us a small fraction of the refund we've requested and has been defensive in pointing fingers toward reasons why there were people who were not fed at our wedding. We concede that there are three things that we could have done to help him cater the wedding better: first, he requested pictures of the commercial kitchen which we never supplied (even though he never affirmatively expressed that he planned to use the commercial kitchen); two, we did not have a wedding planner; and three, a handful of our guests were the cause of miscommunication and chaos in the kitchen about how to carry out the dinner. To this day we're not sure what kind of preparation, ingredients, and care went into the food that was served on the day of our wedding, but throughout the process we didn't see evidence that anyone from Liliana's wanted to make our event a success. Chef Dave and Liliana's staff made a number of mistakes that were out of our control and beyond the scope of the effect of our mistakes that make us feel we deserve a refund: the invoice was four months late; the invoice was almost twice as much as our expressed budget; we worked with three different event managers; the event manager requested that we have four 8-foot tables which made the buffets look sparse; staff did not know how to pour beer and served drinks 3/4-way full; the chef forgot something in the parking lot and heated pasta in a large saucepan; the events manager did not use time wisely; staff had worked another event earlier in the day (even though Chef Dave said they only did one event per day); the mac and cheese portions were half what they should have been; and as a there was leftover, uncooked food that wasn't made available to guests, among others. So there's a number of factors, mostly beyond our control, that caused the dinner to fail. We filed a complaint a month ago with the Better Business Bureau and he didn't respond. If anyone would like more details, I have a 10-page summary of our experience. "

Review: Jun 2012 by Gina - "They've had several Vegetarian dinner nights there, and the chef is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable about vegan food, and makes beautiful dishes. He said it's best to call ahead to discuss what you like so he can make something amazing for you. We went without giving advanced warning and he was still able to stop by our table to discuss with us first, figure out our taste preferences and which of us needed gluten free AND vegan entrees, and then made delicious meals on the fly. Added bonus: If you call ahead, you can get vegan ice cream made from frozen bananas for dessert!"

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6713 Odana Rd
(608) 833-1824

1707 Thierer Rd
(608) 246-8525

Indian Cuisine. They have a lunch buffet and dinner off a menu.

Review: May 2016 - "I have really learned some new things by your site. One other thing I’d really like to say is that often newer computer system operating systems are likely to allow far more memory to use, but they also demand more memory simply to operate. If your computer can’t handle far more memory plus the newest software requires that storage increase, it might be the time to buy a new Computer system. Thanks"

Review: Dec 2013 by Cortney - "They have a FANTASTIC buffet with the most glorious selection of vegetarian food. YESSSSSS! "

Review: Sep 2012 by CJ - "I've been here a handful of times over the years, most recently Sep 2012. Service is always pleasant, prompt, and courteous. The food is always delicious, warm, and large-portioned. Vegan requirements are never treated as an an inconvenience, and we love the warm towels after dinner. "

Review: May 2012 by CMac - "Ordered take out one night. They gave my food to someone else, then called them to have them return it and expected me to take it still. Didn't offer me any discount for their mess up and when I got home I was missing 2 of my appetizers. When I called they still just took off the cost of the appetizers. Was much happier with this restaurant in Milwaukee."

Review: Aug 2007 by Jsplff - "Awesome and authentic. Great food, good service. No better Indian restaurant in Madison. Highly recommended!"

Review: Aug 2007 - "Incredible selection of vegetarian/vegan foods on their lunch buffet, with courteous and efficient service. Stick to the East side Maharaja's, the food is far superior to that on the West side."

Review: Apr 2007 by Julie - "Their lunch buffet is an amazing value! As a vegan, you have to be careful to dodge the occasional addition of butter, milk or homemade cheese to a dish. They are very respectful and vegan friendly and will gladly leave the ghee (clarified butter) off your naan if you ask. It's also a romantic place for a vegetarian/vegan dinner date! "

Review: Dec 2006 - "A super friendly staff, especially with kids. The food is traditional, deliciously prepared, and reasonably priced for a nicer restaurant. "

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Mediterranean Cafe

625 State St
(608) 251-8510

Cash only.

"Cuisine from around the Mediterranean Sea" with daily veggie specials. Couscous every Friday.

Review: Jun 2012 by Kristen - "I am going to have to strongly disagree with the other reviewer. I have gotten the falafel plate here a zillion times at various times of the day and it is always INCREDIBLE. They have the best hummus and falafel I have ever tasted."

Review: Oct 2008 by Jessica Lopez - "I had the falafel wrap and it was excellent! The falafel was chopped into small pieces and was easy to eat. I made sure to ask if it was vegan and the owner assured me that it was. I also tried the hummus and liked it. It\'s a cozy little place and I would definitely go back. FYI: they only take cash!"

Review: Mar 2007 by Julie - "I went there for dinner take-out and got the Falafel platter and it was awful... the falafel was burn to a crisp, the hummus was oily and tasted like it had been sitting out all day, there was more rice pilaf than anything else and that also tasted like it had been sitting out all day and the side of "Greek" salad was practically pickled from sitting in vinegar dressing. Maybe they'd be better for lunch, but at the end of the day, you're buying their leftovers..."

Review: Dec 2006 by sona - "The food here is fantastic. Try the med sandwich. The pita bread here is thin and the ingredients are fresh and the food is always 100% perfect. As a vegetarian I simply love this place. Their lentil soup is vegetarian and pretty good too."

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Monty's Blue Plate Diner

2089 Atwood Ave
(608) 244-8505

Has several vegetarian sandwiches and usually there is a vegetarian special. Great waffle fries. They have soy milk and vegan mayo. On 09/11/08 The chef contacted me and let me know that they recently expanded their vegetarian menu and that previous problems were addressed when she started in 2007.

Review: May 2011 by Jan - "The food is still delicious, but sadly they no longer offer soy ice cream. Bye bye scoops, shakes, and malts. They said it was because they switched dairy providers. The waiter did say I could leave a note, perhaps with enough requests they might find an alternative for soy items."

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "Great restaurant with a pretty nice vegetarian selection and a decent vegan selection. You can ask for a separate vegan menu, which is recommended as their vegetarian selections are marked but its hard to tell sometimes what is vegan. Their Heathen Vegan Shoplifter's Delight sandwich is AMAZING. The tofu scramble is pretty boring. I always want to branch out and try other menu items but usually end up with the Heathen Vegan. Very cute diner and friendly staff."

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "They have vegan diner food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The new tempeh hash for breakfast is tasty and an unusually healthy breakfast meal. Very busy during peak hours."

Review: Nov 2008 by Patrick - "I fricking love Monte's more than life itself. They have a ridiculous--almost obscene--amount of vegan and vegetarian items. I've been there twice in the past week. I had the Heathen sandwich, which is portabello with tempeh, avacado, and lemon tahini and it was AMAZING. I got the waffle fries too. I've also had two of their soy ice cream shakes--AMAZING. GO TO MONTE'S IF YOU HAVE TASTE BUDS AND A COUPLE OF DOLLARS."

Review: Oct 2008 by Darren - "Monty's offers classic diner food with some options for no meat. All the food is fatty and oily tasting. It's a good place to go with veggie friends and family because they have something for everyone. However, you may leave feeling like there is a brick in your stomach."

Review: Apr 2008 by Lindsey - "There is now vegan soy ice cream. usually 1-3 flavors which can be made into shakes etc."

Review: Apr 2008 by Valerie La Tendresse - "I am a vegetarian (16 years) my husband is not. We used to love going to Monty's as it had options for both of us. However the last 3 times we went there we both got ill as soon as we were done eating our food. Coincidence? Well, we will not be back again."

Review: Dec 2006 by Suzanne - "Monty's claims to always have a vegetarian soup option. Twice now, there has been chicken stock in my "vegetarian" soup, which made me ill. They explained that one of the cooks had added broth to try to stretch the stock, but that is too big a mistake for my comfort. I won't eat the soup again. The Meatless Loaf of the Gods is good, though. ***Webmaster note: This is from late 2006. The new chef has assured me that there is no possibility of this happening again. ***"

Review: Dec 2006 - ""I love this place! The vegan BBQ is great and so are the vegan malts!"

Review: Dec 2006 - "Monty's has several main dishes, both for breakfast and lunch that are vegan. They also have vegan ice cream, shakes and several vegan pies (the ones without the crumb topping)."

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Sai-Bai Thong

2840 University Ave
Madison 53705
(608) 238-3100

6802 Odana Rd
Madison 53719
(608) 828-9565

Make sure you specifiy "no fish or oyster sacue" when you order anything

Thai cuisine with many vegetarian options.

Review: May 2016 - "Olá, mais ou menos a um ano tomei o Diane 35 e resolvi de trocar pelo Gestinol 28 faz quatro meses que estou tomando esse, sinto que mudei bastante, me sinto inchada e sem falar que engordei seis quilos do nada e sempre mantive a mesma alimentação nunca mudei. Já fui no ginecologista varias vezes e ela disse que não faz mal nenhum, só que tenho medo pois sou muito nova e tenho medo de prejudicar mais tarde por eu não estar mais menstruando. Aguardo uma resposta!!!!!!"

Review: Aug 2010 by Update from Arom of Sai-Bai Thong - "We try to eliminate [fish sauce] and use something else instead. However, I accept that we still use some but not in the curry sauces. For some food items that the sauces contain fish sauce and/or oyster sauce, if our customers request that " No fish or Oyster sauce" we will make new sauce for them order by order as requested. For chicken broth, we change it long time ago, we use either yellow onion or celery for our broth. If you have any questions, you can call me or come to talk to me. We have so many people work here, some of them know, some not and I will try to let them know about these issues.! "

Review: Aug 2007 by veggiedude - "They confirmed that ALL of their dishes contain chicken broth."

Review: Aug 2007 by Laura - "Seriously nasty. All three dishes we ordered were unnaturally ugly (either bright orange or a grayish muck). The Pad Thai -- the best dish we ordered -- was mediocre."

Review: Dec 2006 by veganmessiah - "So many great options. Anything with the phrase "guey tuey" is sure to be a winner."

Review: Dec 2006 - "I tried the Jungle Curry. It was really good!"

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Sala Thai

36 S. Fair Oaks Ave.

Watch out for the fish oil!

This is a new Thai restaurant on Fair Oaks Ave. just a couple of doors down from the Fair Oaks Diner.

Review: May 2016 - "8 oktober 2012Dus dit is een doortje verhaal?Nou nou, wat lees ik hiet? Bloed, gegil en koekjes uiteraard.Ik moet precies weer aan je wennen? ;)Even serieus, heel erg beeldend geschreven en met gevoel voor drama.Echt geen hartje? oef! ;)“zoekt verder naar een zekere technofobe dame om te kijken welk verhaal zij geschreven heeft”  "

Review: May 2016 - "Booksy, no en minäkään normaalisti ehdi noihin tapahtumiin ihan tässä määrin. Sitten harmittaa vielä kauheammin, kaikkea kivaa olisi niin lähellä - mutta kuitenkin niin kaukana. Raportoin parhaani mukaan. :)Feroce, hyvä, sinulla on sisäpiirin kontakti kirjatapahtumiin! Minä yritän vain liittyä kaikille tiedotuslistoille sitä mukaa kun niitä sattuu tulemaan vastaan."

Review: Jun 2013 by Kim Ritz - "My favorite Thai place in Madison, by far. The green curry is AMAZING and quite addictive.The service is really good, staff is friendly. This is definitely a neighborhood place. I'm so happy I live around the corner!!!"

Review: May 2011 by Amy - "Regarding the comment about the fish sauce. I know the owners pretty well and I know for a fact that they don't put any fish oil into their peanut sauce. The oil that you see is actually a ginger/chili oil."

Review: Mar 2009 by Katy - "I loved the Squash Curry and the fried tofu that I got as an appetizer. Great service, great atmosphere, and they have carryout!"

Review: Oct 2008 by Jan - "The first time I went in there- just to ask questions, I asked about fish sauce and the woman working there asked me if I was a vegan. Nice to hear they already knew the term! Quite a lot of dishes here can be made vegan, and they said that they use soy sauce instead of fish sauce. I love the Squash Curry (it's a little spicy) and the Tofu Tod. They aren't consistent with the tofu tod though- so if they bring you a dish of peanut sauce don't eat it; it has fish oil in it. Highly recommended. An appetizer and entree costs about $14 including a decent tip."

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Sunroom Cafe

638 State St
Madison 53703
(608) 255-1555

European Style Cafe; with some veggie sandwiches, burritos, and wraps. One of the few options for vegan breakfast on State St. They also have fair trade coffee drinks. Be careful - they get super busy on weekdays during the lunch hour.

Review: May 2016 - "Séverine26 septembre 2012Alors ça c’est une super idée ! Merci de l’avoir fait , ce dico va beaucoup me servir : je me lance dans la couture avec les patrons Colette et comment dire… mon anglais est scolaire et loin derrière moi. MERCI !!!!"

Review: May 2016 - "Super, super cool. Like an old sci-fi cover full of promise. Love the ship’s pseudopoda waving as it slides across endless incomprehensible angles. Really liked that one. Thanks for sharing it."

Review: May 2016 - "It says..One_Piece_v23_c206-226.rar’ is unavailable. This file was deleted. when I tried to download volume 23 ,plus I had troubles extracting the file before ,so make sure the file is extractable before uploading it thank you"

Review: May 2011 by John - "Writing this as a middle aged male with much experience dining in cafes/resturants presenting themselves as upscale causal dining,this establishment has been disappointing on the four occasions I've given it a try. My first visit to the Sunroom must have been within the last four years, apparently interestingly enough to warrant three more visits, which, I recall the negative details. Long story short my last visit just yesterday, was disgusting! I ordered the portabella sandwich, a side salad, and earl grey. I had had the salad before, last visit in fact, then it was very small overall taking plate size into account. This time it was a full plate along with a full container of cucumber/yogert dressing. Unfortunately I found a label from a lemon attached to a lettuce leaf! Disgusting! I finished my meal without saying a word to the counterperson. (It was still lunch so I left something in the tip jar before I recieved my food.) Business was slow being Monday at about 4:30 p.m. (Someone I took to be the owner left just as I was ordering.) Maybe staff should nominate this place for the tv show Kitchen Nightmares! Time for an attitude adjustment!!!"

Review: Mar 2009 by Kelly - "This place is really adorable. We went on a Saturday for dinner, and there was only one other couple in there. I got a vegan burger with guacamole and other fixings. There were less vegan options than i thought there would be, but what i had was good and satisfying."

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Taj Indian Restaurant

1256 S. Park St
(608) 268-0772

Authentic Indian cuisine from Northern and Southern India with a selection of vegetarian items on the menu.

Review: Dec 2013 by Cortney - "My favorite Indian restaurant for dinner- best of the 5 I have tried. My fiance and I go there for all of our special nights out because it is always quiet and the staff is so respectful of your privacy. The vegetarian dishes are OUTSTANDING."

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "I had an AMAZING meal my first time there, since then it hasn't quite been as good. The buffet was good, but had some items that are not even normally on the menu (so you can't use that as a chance to sample and then purchase the dish on another occasion)."

Review: Nov 2008 by Jane - "Excellent! I find the dishes fresh and the service awesome."

Review: Jul 2007 by Brad - "As of 6/17/07, I found out that the old unfriendly staff is long gone. Reports are that the chef took over the restaurant when business went down cause of bad service. Can't blame em!! But during my visit, food as excellent and the service was just awesome!!! Good Job Chef..and keep it up!!!"

Review: Dec 2006 by Marya Rajagopal - "This food most of the time could barely be called authentic. The wait staff is unfriendly. The food is either overcooked or undercooked. Being Indian, I know how the food should taste. This is very bad. "

Review: Dec 2006 - "The food was decent, however during our last visit they were especially rude. We asked for our meals without onions, but they were included when the meals came out. I alerted the server, who removed the dishes and said it was too late to do anything about it. We found the rudeness, lack of concern, and lack of apology surprising. "

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Taste of India

2623 Monroe St.
Madison 53711
(608) 218-9200

Review: Apr 2008 - "Taste of India is great! They have a huge vegetarian selection with 27 options. Don't forget to get a side of nan!"

Review: Jul 2007 by smartdude - "If you want the best Indian food in Madison, check out the new "Taste of India" restaurant on Monroe St."

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Tex Tubbs Taco Palace

2009 Atwood Ave

Taco place with a vegan menu with a variety of options. Open 11am to 9pm.

Review: May 2016 - "I like the simplicity of your video, it is.really easy to follow.Is it possible to do this design without using clasps? I havent figured out how to make a necklace which only uses knots.If you can point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks"

Review: Jul 2012 by Abby - "Oh My.... Tex Tubbs now has vegan nachos! They are using Teese Vegan Nacho Cheeze and adding delicious chills to it. The manager told me they are adding a few more \"made to be vegan\" items and then changing the menu. So, for now make sure you ask for the vegan nachos because they are not on the menu."

Review: May 2012 by Abby - "Their Vegetable Tostada is AMAZING!!!! It is a great place for vegetarians and vegans to dine!"

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Weary Traveler

1201 Williamson St
(608) 442-6207

Review: May 2016 - "Hallo babara, so geht es mir auch, lese alles was mir indie finger kommt, plane und wenn es denn soweit ist, mache ich es wiederanders. Weil es mir in natura nicht gefällt.Wünsche dir weiterhin vieles kreatives schaffen, das dir deineideen nicht ausgehen….lg..waltraud"

Review: May 2016 - "yourself a text message or an email…from your spoken notes.use short videos occasionally to add interest or better illustrate a point. these don’t have to be fancy or complicated, most computers have built-in webcams. just make sure to speech clearly!if you’re following these steps, yo…"

Review: May 2016 - "tracy: lol… it took me a while to work out what you meant by your last sentence! its taken me years to get here tracy, and if i can help other adhder parents get to this point sooner then my mission will be almost fulfilled.e.c.: ag thanx my friend, frankly- i dunno how you do it either!tay: why thank you very much!"

Review: May 2016 - "Nov21 There is only one world, one “community”, we all exist in it together. We must find a way to welcome each others gifts and contributions as a collective. I exist because you see something of your self in me, not each others labels, or our perceived brokenness, but our all encompassing humanity. That which binds us makes us strong, that which divides us weakens us. Peace."

Review: Sep 2012 by CJ - "Yep, LOVE the Tom Ka soup. It's never this good when I make it at home. Nice raucus place that never suffers because of its success - the service is always good and friendly. "

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "Their vegan chili was okay, nothing special. It's a nice place to hang out with friends and have a few drinks."

Review: Apr 2008 by Ed - "I don't see what the big deal is: the chili was OK, the nacho plate was kinda gross.."

Review: Aug 2007 by Katie - "I had the vegan chili at the Weary today and it was excellent, the best, I want the recipe. You get an enormous bowl enough for 2 people and a wedge of vegan cornbread. They also added sour cream on the side for free. It was all only $5.50 which is cheap for their menu. My friends both got the Veggie Andean sandwich and were both disappointed. Stick with the chili."

Review: Dec 2006 - "This place rocks! Everything is prepared fresh daily & nothing sits in a steam table. One of the cooks who was having a beer after work said that their cooler space is limited, so they have to prep stuff daily. Also, he said all their food comes from small, local companies (er, distributors?), not from the huge companies with huge, tasteless veggies. Glad I found it. (No sign or neons.)"

Review: Dec 2006 - "Great tom ka tofu soup (vegan), vegan chili and cornbread, vegan south-of-the-border platter (guac, salsa, chips) and roasted vegetable salad."

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Vegetarian Friendly (Chains)


2229 Deming Way
Middleton 53562
(608) 831-0739

Tex-Mex restaurant with a vegetarian menu upon request. Few vegan options.

Review: May 2016 - "Hey! It’s like you understand my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, besides that, this is outstanding blog post. A wonderful read. I’ll certainly return again."

Review: May 2016 - "We wish you a very Merry Christmas and want to thank you for the support you’ve been to Mom Paula this past year. We look forward to many more years with our furriends on the CB.Truffle, Brulee and Mom Paula"

Review: May 2016 - "Det er jammen to tøffe karar du har i huset :O)Eg sjølv er 12 år eldre enn lisje broren min, og eg trur at han såg på meg som duste-syster-fjerten han og ;O)"

Review: Jan 2009 by David - "We've always been happy with the few vegetarian options at Abuelo's, but it's not vegan-friendly. Lots of dairy. If you ask, you can sometimes get the beans made vegetarian. It takes longer to get your order, but it's worth sending the message to the kitchen to keep it available. Note the veggie beans have a lot more peppery taste to them and may not be to everyone's liking. Service tends to be average, though a few waitstaff have been absolutely top-notch."

Review: Apr 2008 by Brenda - "Abuelo's Mexican in Middleton is a really good Tex-Mex restaurant. It is a chain based out of Lubbock, Tx. Having grown up in Texas, I can honestly say that this stuff is true, tasty Tex-Mex (I don't know why they always have to pretend it's Mexican - Tex Mex is good stuff). Moreover, they do have a vegetarian menu - unfortunately you have to ask for it from the host/hostess as you're being seated, but everything listed on the veg menu is free of hidden meat like chicken stock or bacon grease. The veg menu includes two kinds of quesadillas, three kinds of enchiladas with three sauces to choose from, veg fajitas, and cheese-stuffed chiles rellenos. It's not terribly vegan friendly, but vegans should be able to enjoy the avocado enchiladas with ranchero or green chile sauce and the veg fajitas if they specify no cheese/sour cream. Also, vegans will be limited to steamed broccoli for their side dish - the rice and beans are not vegetarian, so veg options are papas con chile (mashed potatoes with cheese & green chiles) and steamed broccoli (nicely seasoned). "

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Chin's Asia Fresh

422 State St
(608) 661-0177

8414 Old Sauk Rd
(608) 827-7721

Asian food featuring thai, chinese and japanese dishes. Vegetarian options are labeled. Many of the vegetarian dishes are vegan and the thai spring rolls are vegan. The vegetable and tofu stirfry with thai peanut sauce is great!

Review: May 2016 - "It's a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly"

Review: May 2016 - "Mais non Mélodie, ils ne sont pas tous partis les anciens, ne t’inquiète pas: simplement il y a 2 ateliers cette année : une équipe qui reprend « Côté jardin » et l’autre qui travaille comme avant…chacun avait à choisir un atelier à la rentrée, voilà c’est tout !"

Review: May 2016 - "Great beat ! I wish to apprentice while you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog site? The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear idea"

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658 State St
(608) 250-4613

Veggie burrito is vegan. Guacamole is also vegan. Note that the pinto beans contain lard, so be sure to request the vegetarian black beans.

Review: Jan 2014 by Colton - "Both bean options, black and pinto are now prepared vegetarian (may very well be vegan). They also have a tasty new vegan protein, the tofu "sofritas". "

Review: Jan 2009 by Ed - "May be some veg options and convenient as it is a chain, but food is blah. "

Review: Apr 2008 by Mary - "Awesome!! I love Chipotle. Their black beans are vegan and even their cheese is animal rennet free! They use a veg. based rennet. Great food and value. Great if you are traveling and are not sure about other options. They seem to be popping up in lots of places."

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Flat Top Grill

(Hilldale Mall) <br/> 538 N. Midvale Blvd.
Madison 53705
(608) 236-0500

Make your own stir fry. They have tofu and seitan available. Lots of vegetables, their sauces are labeled vegan or not. The flat bread is vegan (blue stick). Always use a white stick so it gets cooked on a separate grill.

Review: May 2016 - "Oh yeah, fabulous stuff there you!"

Review: May 2016 - "oiee camila, lindo esse pincel, deve ser impecavel mesmo, parabens pelo blog[]Camila Coelho Respondeu:September 26th, 2011 em 1:34 pm, Obrigada querida! Beijos []"

Review: May 2016 - "Ben, le truc c’est que plus les jours passent, plus je le trouve artificiel… c’est mauvais signe, si j’avais fait la critique aujourd’hui j’aurais été plus sévère. En fait c’est comme une longue pub de 2h, très belle, mais j’ai vraiment eu du mal à ressentir autre chose qu’une admiration envers l’équipe technique et Jared Leto :SMais c’est vrai que l’histoire adolescente aurait fait un beau film!"

Review: May 2016 - "make sure that your spelling and grammar…are perfect. to gain credibility, add quotes from well established sources. refrain from breaking up your posts with ads. align your text to the left of the screen. if you want readers to explore your website or blog, you can add…"

Review: Oct 2009 by Julie - "My boyfriend and I are vegan and we love this place. I love putting together my own stir fry with exactly the mix of veggies I feel like having and I love not being charged extra because I want broccoli or pineapple or something. They always have interesting un-meat for us to try and when we don't feel like having that, we can have edamame or just plain tofu and tons of veggies (and fruits) in our stir fry. I find it to be very sanitary. The meat is in a completely different section away from the veggies and sauces. I think my favorite thing about this restaurant is just how conscious they are about food allergies and strict diets. They know what is in everything and they don't hide it. They have a huge book with all the ingredients in all the sauces for you to look at. They are very accommodating to people with special diets. And, they have a reserved allergy-free grill that they set aside to cook food for people with food allergies and dietary restrictions. You can watch them cook your food to make sure nothing funny happens to it. What other restaurant have you ever been to where transparency is so important? There's no hiding the fish sauce or tossing your food in a pan that just cooked chicken. I feel very confident that I am getting a 100% vegan meal when I go there. I can't say that about most restaurants. I always leave full, happy and with a take out box with a whole extra meal in it."

Review: Oct 2009 by Shari - "This is by far my favorite chain restaurant to eat at in Madison. There is a wide variety of vegan options and all of the sauces are clearly labeled if they are vegan or not directly above the buffet. I LOVE the Indian Coconut Curry sauce with a little lemongrass and ginger water. According to the website, the seitan, BBQ Vegetable Tempeh, Tofu, Veat, and Curry Pakora are all vegan. The delicious flatbread is also vegan. I highly recommend trying Flat Top! "

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "Poorly laid out menu-it took 10 minutes before we even understood how to order. BASICALLY, you put ingredients in a dish and they stir-fry it all for you. Interesting concept, poor experience. Service was slow and they weren't even busy. Took a LONG time to get drinks and LONGER for refills. The waiter said he would check if the bread was vegan and never did. The "buffet" area was unsanitary (handle end of tongs in food, not enough ice cooling things) The rice had sat there for several hours when we got to it. I had questions about the ingredients of several of the condiments and there did not appear to be a manager or anyone available to answer my questions. I ordered tofu on my dish and did not receive it. I was happy to see vegan options like tofu, seitan, and tempeh, but there was no indication of what was vegan or not. Some sauces listed "contains peanuts" or "contains shellfish" which is a step up from most places, but they could have taken that idea SO much farther-listing ingredients would be GREAT. I don't eat honey or white sugar (2 very common ingredients) The meat was too close to some of the ingredients on the buffet to be sanitary (or to keep the other ingredients vegan). The food tasted fine but I will not go back until they get their act together. Semi-vegetarian friendly."

Review: Apr 2008 by Wendy - "On our last visit, the wait staff informed us all deserts on the menu contained animal ingredients."

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Noodles & Company

232 State St
(608) 257-6393

3600 University Ave
(608) 268-2900

7050 Mineral Point Rd
(608) 829-0202

4280 E. Towne Blvd
(608) 244-4000

6520 Monona Dr
(608) 226-9500

2981 Triverton Pike Dr
(608) 276-7600

Review: Jan 2010 by Piyush Soni - "Though there are a few vegan/vegetarian options, they explicitly said to us that they don't differentiate between the utensils used for vegetarian and fish/meat stuff (I don't think any other restaurant does as well, but they said this to me that the same ones are used for cooking everything.) I had ordered some kind of vegan noodles I don't remember, but I could really sense the taste of their non vegetarian stuff in that so I didn't continue eating. Didn't try any other Noodles and Co. after that."

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "2 Vegan dishes: Japanese Pan Noodles and the Indonesian Peanut Saute. Both are pretty good. That's about it for us vegans. Worth the price if you are really hungry and don't want to/can't make them at home for half the cost. "

Review: Apr 2008 by Valerie La Tendresse - "I love this place. There are so many vegetarian options. And they give you the option to add tofu. So totally friendly. Also you have the option to try new things. They have a guarantee that you will like your food or they will make you something else. I have used this a couple of times when I was a new customer and not familiar with the dishes. I now know what I love!"

Review: Jun 2007 by Erin - "The thai curry soup no longer has fish sauce in it, just a coconut base stock so it's veg friendly"

Review: Jun 2007 by Shannon - "I worked at Noodles for a while and they are very veg friendly as long as you eat dairy. I was lacto-ovo when I worked there, but now that I try to eat vegan most of the time and watching my weight I find myself not eating there so often. The indonesian peanut saute, the japanese pan noodles, and the pasta fresca (without cheese) are all vegan and very tasty. Each store has a very detailed allergy chart for all the dishes, so the staff should easily be able to check that for egg and dairy ingredients if you are ever in doubt."

Review: Dec 2006 by Jan - "I love both the Japanese Pan Noodles and the Indonesian Peanut Saute. Both are vegan. The Bangkok Curry is also good (if a little mild).They have an "allergies" list you can look at for menu items if you want to see if something has dairy or fish in it. You can add tofu to any dish, although they charge $2.00 for it. The Thai Curry Soup (which is now vegan) is delicious. They also have some good salads like the Chinese Chop Salad."

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548 State St
(608) 280-8720

2741 University Ave
(608) 218-9670

Rice and beans are cooked free of lard, veggie burrito and grilled veggie burrito are vegan. Guacamole is vegan. State St location open until 3am.

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "Their veggie burrito is a good deal... loaded with rice, beans, guacamole, and you can add pico de gallo, salsa, corn salsa, etc. Ends up being $6 for a huge burrito. Not too bad!"

Review: Mar 2009 by Lisa - "Each time I have been there, my order is different, but I always order the same thing. Even when I point to the people that speak no English what I would like, or have brought in a menu to show them, they still manage to goof it up. I simply quit going there. . ."

Review: Jan 2009 by Chris - "Qdoba isn't a sit-down restaurant...too funny. It's like Subway but with burritos."

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "Walked in and stood there for at least 5 minutes. There were maybe 3 tables occupied in the whole place. Nobody came out to greet us or seat us so we left."

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Out of Town Vegetarian Restaurants

Bombay Sweets

3401 South 13th St
Milwaukee 53215
(414) 383-3553

Good Indian food for low prices. They have a large variety of dishes in addition to a deli case full of Indian snacks and desserts.

Review: Apr 2008 by Mur - "Well worth the trip! So many choices and such a deal! This is some of the best food I have had in a long time! "

Review: Dec 2006 by - "Get ready for menu overload. You could pass out from hunger before reading all the options at this unassuming eatery tucked away in a little strip mall on South 13th Street. With 15 curries, 8 rice dishes, 8 platters, 9 value meals, and 19 side orders, breads, and snacks, it's a little overwhelming. Vegetarians in Milwaukee simply aren't used to this much choice. Fortunately, nothing on the menu is priced over $4.99, with the average dish running $3.50, so go ahead and order 2 or 3 if you simply can't decide! As the prices suggest, this isn't fine dining. Order at the counter, sit at a plastic table, eat with disposable utensils. In other words, it's fast food, but after one whiff of the curries and spices, you'll forgive the tacky decor. The low prices and lacking atmosphere in no way predict the food quality. It's great, and while the portions aren't huge, they're more than acceptable for the tiny price."

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Cafe Manna

3815 N Brookfield Rd. Suite 100
Brookfield 53045
(262) 790-2340

A vegetarian restaurant in Brookfield. Monday - Saturday 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Closed Sunday.

Review: Aug 2011 by Julie - "They have a few vegan menu items. My boyfriend and I shared the "raw-violi" (raw-vegan ravioli), the lentil burger, the tofu skewers and a chocolate brownie. Everything tasted good, but it wasn't spectacular. The tofu on the skewers had an unpleasant texture like under-cooked soft tofu. The raw-violi was a little odd because it wasn't anything like ravioli. It was a bit of nut-cheese inside a folded over thin slice of jicama. The brownie was very chocolaty and a satisfying dessert. I think the brownie was the best part of the meal. I thought that for the ingredients and portion-sizes, it was over-priced. The atmosphere was very nice and the service was good. If you're in the area and looking for a reliably vegan meal, I would recommend it."

Review: Jan 2011 by Sara - "Cafe Manna is fabulous, unfortunately, it's in Brookfield which is an hour and a half away from where I live. On the upside it is very close to my parents house so I get to go there at least half a dozen times a year. I wish they would open another in Madison. Alas. The food here is pretty pricey (9-15 dollar entrees) but I would certainly say worth it for a special treat. My favorite thing about it is their menu is color coded for vegan, gluten free, and raw. It's so nice not to have to ask questions about everything - and if you do have to ask they actually know what's in their food. I have had great experiences with the owner and the staff, who are all very friendly. One of my favorite things to get here is the Arugula Pear Salad, it's a simple dish but it\'s a great unusual flavor combo with red peppers, pine nuts, avocado, and sliced pear. Yum. The only thing is i think they are used to people being weirded out by the menu because they act like you don't know what vegan is... Our waitress informed me the last time we went there that "some vegans eat raw food because they feel it healthier". Um, thank you for informing this vegan of that (I wasn't rude of course... but). This is different than any of the vegan friendly restaurants in WI that I've ever been too, highly recommended."

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Riverwest Co-op Cafe

733 E Clarke St.
Milwaukee 53212
(414) 264-7933

Only the cafe is vegetarian, the co-op is not.

The Riverwest Co-op Cafe is attached to the co-op grocery store and can be entered from the street or inside the store. Hours are 7AM-9PM M-F and 8AM-9PM S/S. Outdoor seating is available when the weather is good. The Cafe Menu is vegan/vegetarian made-to-order sandwiches, soups, desserts, and smoothies, using organic and locally grown produce whenever possible. Fresh all-vegan bakery (cookies, chocolates, breads) made daily. The Co-op Cafe takes great pride in using predominantly local, organic and small company produced ingredients.

Review: May 2016 - "voir le site du musée du quai Branly: une semaine mexicaine, la fête des morts. On propose aux visiteurs des ateliers variés (fabrication d'objets , de confiseries genre tête de mort en sucre etc...) conférences, films, danses. De quoi jeter un autre regard sur la mort et les morts."

Review: Oct 2009 by Zakk - "If you are vegan... you just hit the jackpot!! Vegan Pancakes / Vegan French Toast / Milk Shakes (Make sure to say soy if they don't ask). Not to mention the dinner menu - pretty much everything on the menu is possibly vegan. And like it was just mentioned... be sure to check out the specials and the case for always changing desserts and goodies. I live actually overseas but grew up in Madtown. And I can say that each time that I am here i make a point to get there as often as time allows! Great food. Great atmosphere. Just plain good times and again if you are vegan its a true hidden treasure!!!"

Review: Mar 2009 by Kellie - "The most amazing vegan Philly sandwich in the world, a must!! Second and third favorites go to the vegan ruban and bbq tofu. All sandwiches use veganise and the teese 'cheese' ...yumm! If you're lucky enough to be their on a day they'll serving vegan cinnamon rolls, be sure to buy two, otherwise you'll regret it later and the setain taco style dip is to die for. Everything's so good and so fresh, nice environment/nice cafe/great food/good people!"

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The Cheese Factory

(Highway 12) <br/> 521 Wisconsin Dells Parkway S.
Wisconsin Dells 53965
(608) 253-6065

Despite the name, The Cheese Factory is actually now a completely vegan restaurant. Some of the dishes are a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. The food is savory and delicious. The Thai Bananas, Low Fat Barbecued Tofu Shishkebobs, and Sorbet are excellent. A really nice place to go for a special occasion.

Review: May 2016 - "Bill Bird – Hi Bill! I realized back in 2008 that there was no money in blogging. Selling a post here or there, adsense, it’s not enough to keep someone afloat unless they drive insane amounts of traffic. No thanks. I like keeping a journal and writing to a small audience of folks. I prefer it that way actually."

Review: May 2016 - "Hallo Andreas,Sie sollten im ersten Schritt prüfen, welcher Umlageschlüssel im Mietvertrag vereinbart wurde. Wurde nichts vereinbart, gilt die Umlage über die Wohnfläche. Ihr Vermieter kann den Vertrag / Umlageschlüssel nicht einseitig ändern.Viele GrüßeDennis Hundt"

Review: Sep 2014 by Alicia - "The Cheese Factory has amazing gourmet vegetarian cusine. The atmosphere is a little strange but the staff is very energetic and happy to serve you. The lasagna is my favorite. The prices are a bit steep, but worth every bite. It is definitely a place you must visit when you are vacationing in the dells, unless you want to eat Taco Bell, there is not much for vegetarians to eat around there. They also serve vegan dishes. On top of great food they have a heavenly dessert selection as well as a cookbook for sale with their all their recipes in it! "

Review: Mar 2014 by Sara - "Cheese Factory is now 100% vegan. Go there!"

Review: Jan 2011 by Brandon - "They have a separate vegan menu if you request it, which is very nice. Quite a few vegan options, everything that I've eaten there has been delicious. I wish more of their desserts were vegan, everything looks so yummy!"

Review: Mar 2009 by Abby - "I work at the Cheese Factory Restaurant on the "Soda Fountain" and absolutely love it! I'm working with my favorite people and I get to eat the food and desserts. It's one of my favorite places in the world, not only to work but to relax, enjoy myself, the food, and my friends. Also through working here I can see the absolute care and attention the staff give each plate of food, making sure they all look perfect. The staff here aren't working to get your dollar, we work here cause we LOVE IT! When I send out a drink or a dessert I want it to look its best or at least want you to experience how great it is. I feel disappointed if you're disappointed (just cause I care about what I do here because I feel so loved and supported and I want to love and support). So not only is the food great (I love the raspberry dressing!) but the people here are just different in that they are in love, not only with what they do but who they are and are supported by those around them. So go just to let go and be with us. It's worth the trip!"

Review: Jul 2008 by Dee - "The best in US of A."

Review: Jun 2008 by Elizabeth - "I absolutely love this restaurant! My husband and I are not vegetarian or vegan, but their food is so delicious that it is one of our favorite places to eat. Service is friendly and accommodating. I recommend the Eggplant Parmesan sandwich, which is a hearty mix of breaded eggplant, grilled peppers and onions, Tofu Italian "sausage" and a whole wheat bun."

Review: Jun 2008 by Ben - "EXCELLENT FOOD. Ask for the vegan menu even if you are not vegan. I drive there from Madison for their vegan options!! They have some gourmet vegan dishes - something rare in Wisconsin. If you have the opportunity, EAT HERE!!!!"

Review: Apr 2008 by Valerie La Tendresse - "My husband and I stumbled upon this place by accident one time while in the dells and fell in love. I was shocked to have somewhere that everything on the menu was something I could order and he loves the food too (not a veg). We regularly make the drive just to eat there. The only caution is to check the hours before you go as they are not always open especially in the "off season". "

Review: Dec 2006 by Lily Bonnes - "The Cheese has the most incredible (really unbelievably good) vegan deserts. I had the most delicious maple walnut cookie and my husband indulged in a chocolate (soy) mousse called "Chocolate Dream". And they have more other choices- All freshly made. I call it "happy food"."

Review: Dec 2006 by Harry Lofton - "I can't say enough about the place! Anything with "romesco sauce" is out of this world. I have tried it all. The waiters are happy and the place has an amazing "feel" to it. I highly recommend The Cheese Factory for anyone who, not only likes vegetarian but really enjoys good food."

Review: Dec 2006 by christine comeau - "The vegan burrito was outstanding. It had a lot of ingredients inside, eg. rice, beans, onions, chilies, chili sauce and a veggie chorizo. Awesome. And the vegan burger was incredible. Some may mistake it for meat! The "Don't be a Chicken" sandwich (made with tofu) had to be the best tofu sandwich I have ever tasted. The romesco sauce was an excellent substitution for the horseradish sauce. We tried several of the vegan desserts: cherry pie, maple walnut cookie and the chocolate mousse. I had to ask if the mousse was really vegan because it tasted as good as if made with dairy! The service was out of this world!Loved this restaurant!!!"

Review: Dec 2006 by Sara - "We regularly drive the 45 minutes from Madison just to eat here. The eggplant dish is amazing. The food is full of flavor and the atmosphere is kooky but elegant."

Review: Dec 2006 by shell - "My husband and I both had vegan dinner and pie that was great. We also had good service and enjoyed the green space outside afterward."

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